Aug. 28th, 2012 05:19 pm
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Oh, Brain.

Okay. So. Here's me, thinking about my Golden Sun Sims stuff. And it occurs to me that I ought to fold the laundry, so I go do that. I typically have my mp3 player on when I do the laundry. And today my sister was watching Serendipity in the next room at the same time.

Now. One of the major things I'm trying to do, in Sims, is to get Felix and Sheba to end up together without either of them dying or getting grievously injured or running off to wander the world in depression. So some of this is running through my head while I'm getting occasional glimpses of a romance movie - which I didn't actually like, what I saw of it, but that's beside the point. And the music on my player is from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

I believe I've mentioned a few times that my Felix headvoice, in some manners of speaking, handles incoming music. What I don't know that I've mentioned very much is that, for a long time, I was considering doing a Felix plot at Milliways based on Scarlet Pimpernel. So some of the songs, particularly Only Love, She Was There, and You Are My Home, are particularly associated with the Felix/Sheba ship. (Yes, I'm well aware that You Are My Home is sung by a pair of siblings. It has nevertheless always sounded like a romance song to me.)

So there I am, being bombarded three ways with roughly the same thing. I think I need a break; anyone willing to brainsit for me?


Apr. 23rd, 2012 05:28 pm
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I have noticed, recently, a change in the way I act and perceive myself relative to [personal profile] leeshajoy, at least where pony-munning matters are concerned.

In the beginning... )
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So. This is Dreamwidth.

Could do with a bit of customization, but I imagine that'll be easy enough once it's high enough on my priority list.

I don't think I'll abandon LJ completely, if only because there are plenty of icon communities and personal accounts and so on that I'm reading through the archives of there and that I don't believe are also here, and also Milliways hasn't moved. But I am not going to post on LJ directly, or give them money, or so much as glance at any of their pages with any browser that doesn't have Adblock - no matter what computer - until things change for the decidedly better.

In other news, I think I'll do something approximating an Avatar marathon next week. It's been too long since I last watched it.

...Ooh, hey, what's this "choose random icon" thing? I may have to try that out at some point.
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I wonder how many people can legitimately say that the voices in their heads keep them sane?

It's odd to say, I know. But if one's definition of sanity includes understanding and being able to deal with other people, I'd say it's accurate enough for me.

Way back when I started at Milliways, I believed I played Felix basically as myself. This was not entirely true - I played him as somewhere between myself and his canonical self, with a few aspects from neither. Vestiges of this remain to this day. But it sort of set the stage for playing him as he actually is, and even more, hearing him. The Felix who lives in my head today may not be precisely the canonical Felix. But he specifically isn't me. He has different goals, motivations, and responses than I do. And because he isn't me, but I have access to his personality, I have that much more understanding of persons-other-than-me. It's no longer exactly trial and error - or it is, but without external consequences.

And the other voices I've picked up along the way - Kain, and Rose, and Fluttershy, and Applejack, and to a lesser degree Spock and Karis, and even the alternate Felixes - all help. They're at different degrees of not-me, but more importantly, they're in different directions. Even if Rose were more like me, she wouldn't necessarily be more like Kain. Spock isn't on the same line as Fluttershy, no matter what their respective 'distances'. And so on. Which means that I have more places I can look to figure out what people expect, and how they will react to whatever I do.

I still don't expect to ever be "normal", but because of headvoices I think I can fake it better than I used to.


Jun. 20th, 2011 10:38 am
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Four weeks.

Four weeks, with a margin of less than half a day, between first beginning to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and having a Milliways app ready to send in.

That is an insane record. For Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it was just over four months. All my previous pups have been a matter of years; Frederic was over a decade.

And yet, Fluttershy started actively talking to me two or three days in. Clearly, something's different about this canon.
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Well. A week has passed since I last posted, and quite a week it's been.

I got Dark Dawn, and am pleased with it. Not pleased enough with aspects of the worldbuilding to retcon my millicanon enough to fit, but I enjoy the game. Now I'm debating whether to cultivate a particular proto-headvoice for Milliways or give Felix opportunity to meet her.

Thursday, though, was pretty bad. I spent most of the day in bed, throwing up. The next three-four days were spent with a throat full of sore, a head full of stuffed, and ears full of ache. Monday was borderline, and Tuesday I felt well enough to resume life.

Unfortunately, Tuesday was prone to network and scheduling problems. And ljlogin becoming broken, for no good reason I can find. So now I am finally able to return to my internets, catch up on my flist, and so on. This afternoon I think I'll EP with some advance setup for a Dark Dawn-inspired plot.

In the meantime, have a meme.

Ask me about any character, and I will tell you some combination of:

a) five facts about them from my personal fanon
b) two reasons they're amazing
c) five things I'd like to see happen to them
d) three people I might ship them with and why
e) if I don't know them, I will make something up

Obviously, characters you know I know are best, but I doubt there are many of those; as long as you avoid non-Ghibli anime and manga, I should be able to do at least e) above.
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From [ profile] ceitfianna: Comment and I'll pick six interests of yours, which you then have to describe!

Fi picked:

These six. )

If asked, I could ramble on about Avalon Code for considerably more time, but it wouldn't be long before the discussion dissolved into spoilery stuff or disjointed musings about characterization and worldbuilding.
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As of today, September 14, there are 76 days until Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is released in North America, on November 29.

Curiously, it is also 110 days before I can reasonably expect to see the new characters - or new versions of existing characters - in Milliways.

You see, the release date is at the end of the month. While it is probably possible to play sufficiently and write up an app within nine days, I don't find it likely. But give it another month, until the January app cycle, and many things are possible.

Now, in my experience apps don't get processed on the first of the month. Therefore, January 2 is the first date I can point to and say "hey, there might be Dark Dawn peeps showing up". Coincidentally, January 2 is 110 days from today.
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I've said, a few times, that I don't actually get angst or depression.

Apparently, though, Felix does.

Cubefall's coming up, at Milliways, and for the last several months I've been OOMing a strung-together dream for Felix, more-or-less set to the first couple of verses of "At the Beginning". (Originally it was going to be the whole thing, but I fell behind.) This dream consists of flashbacks, might-have-beens, and other such things, relating to his relationship with Sheba.

Now, according to my millicanon, Sheba died a couple of years after the events of the games. Felix being who he is, this hit him pretty hard. I never quite realized how hard until today, when I typed up a segment of the dream dealing with her funeral. It's not overtly more intense than, for instance, what I posted as his "worst nightmare" some months ago, but what he was saying to me behind the words, behind the scene...


Jan. 25th, 2010 11:01 am
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Okay, you know how looking at old stories you wrote, or old Milliways threads, or whatever, can make you cringe?

As a follow-up to my last post, I went looking for a folder that had served, from about 2003 or '04 until probably early '06, as the place for my fandom and creativity stuff. I was looking for it because I remembered sketching a few OCs for a Golden Sun fanfic that never actually got anywhere. (I did eventually write the first chapter, which featured three other OCs but none of the ones I drew.)

What I didn't count on was what else was in the folder. Most perplexing, on the back of a script-form outline of a completely different GS fic, is a set of four drawings: a crescent moon, a circus tent, a scroll, and a wheeled cage with rotting ribs inside and a box riveted to the bottom.

Other highlights include... )

Plus, of course, the aforementioned OC pictures.

I may have to scan and upload, somewhere, the shadow-man. You can tell I took it very seriously at the time, if only from the fact that I drew stubble on the guy's chin but completely forgot to give a shadow to his backpack.
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It's entirely possible some of you have been paying attention to what mid!Felix has been up to. The next time I bring him in, it will probably be from the Lamakan Desert, or immediately after. Said desert is canonically very hot. It's also described as "evil", but that doesn't seem to come to anything. Point is.

Felix is traveling with a group consisting of himself (a novice Earth Adept), his sister Jenna (a novice Fire Adept), Kraden (an old man with no elemental abilities), Alex (an experienced and creative Water Adept), Saturos, and Menardi (both experienced Fire Adepts). Those last two are from a people who are "supposed to be immune to the cold", which many fans take as implying they retain body heat very well. There's no canonical information about how they get through, merely a speculation - by a knowledgeable NPC, but still speculation - that Saturos and Menardi can use their abilities to "suppress the heat as they cross."

So. My question. Should I OOM this, and figure out some plausible way for that to work, or should I handwave it?
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So. On Friday, [ profile] camwyn put up a DE of "what would have made your character turn out evil", so I sketched out a sequence of events leading up to evil!Felix, whom I think of as Apocalix (apocalyptic Felix - not strictly accurate, but I like the flow of it).

Fast-forward to last night. Something happened, I don't know what, but I now have Apocalix monologuing in my head.

What's actually really interesting is this: Baseline Felix would never monologue. He's not cut out for it. However, although bits and pieces of Apocalix's speech come from Alex, Zuko, Galbek Hills, Madblood, Muska, and so on, most of it is pure Felix. For instance, "I look to the prism, not the pebble" could easily be said in Zuko's voice patterns, but it's not the sort of metaphor he would think to use.
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Part 1, though unlabeled as such, is here at his journal.

Why does Felix think the way he thinks? Part of it, as discussed the other day, is because of his element. Another significant part is connected to his life experiences.

As some of you may have noticed, early!Felix has undergone some significant development in his time at Milliways. In the beginning I was aiming for "rather timid", tempered by the fact that Bar seems to have a calming effect on him. I'm not sure how much of that is his ordinary state, and how much is due to being unexpectedly flung into a series of new circumstances. It couldn't last too very long, though: once Saturos started training him, he wouldn't stand for timidity. Over only a couple of months, Felix adopted a gruffer, more focused manner that he will have, in some degree, for probably the remainder of his life.

At about the same time, he started to gain access to his Psynergy, and thus become attuned to his element. Besides encouraging the traits that are directly connected with Earth, this had the effect of reinforcing his most common thought patterns of the time - Earth being the element of stability. Because of the particular millicanonical way Psynergy works, combined with an expedition to see the encroaching void, he also became firmly convinced that his world needed saving. He didn't, at that time, feel any particular urgency to go out and save it himself, mainly because most of the people around him seemed to be doing what they could. Although many leaders on his world have Earth-affinity, it's generally considered unwise to challenge a Fire person who wants to be in charge.

Felix's particular impetus for personally ensuring that the world be saved came some time between when the Mercury and Venus lighthouses were lit. I don't know for certain what the specific trigger was, as there were several things happening at roughly the same time - Jenna becoming willing to listen to him, the group starting to fall apart, finding Sheba - any one of which could have been the cause. Whatever the reason, from that point on he was fully committed to the quest. Once he reaches this point in Milliways he will also be very prone to trying to save others' worlds if he thinks they need it.

Once all the lighthouses were lit and Alchemy was restored, Felix's major goal changed from making the world safe to keeping it that way. As he saw it, the best way to do that was to keep moving, never staying in the same place for too long, both to stay flexible and to increase the chances that he would hear about a crisis in time to avert it. It's possible that he became rather depressed and a litle masochistic at this point - an extension of "I'd like to settle down, but it wouldn't be the best thing, so I won't. Therefore, whatever I'd like, I won't get." (This is one reason I don't expect to play him during this period.)

I don't know, at this point, what pulled him out of this. I suspect that Sheba coming of age was involved. What I do know for certain is that when Sheba died, about five years after the lighthouses were lit and two or so years before late!Felix showed up at Milliways, he plunged deeply into depression. His devotion to his world kept him from suicide, but he spent most of his time avoiding people and those places that would remind him of her.

I have an idea that someone - probably either his sister or Mia - tracked him down after a while of this and told him to wake up. Which he did, but slowly - Milliways, and the realization that it wasn't (entirely) a dream, helped an awful lot, but he didn't get a door for several more months.
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This could get a little long. )

It's quite interesting to notice which journals I recognize on which interest lists, and where from. It's particularly interesting to see which people share several of my interests without my having encountered them anywhere on LJ.

One of these days I want to find out what sorting algorithm LJ uses for the entries on the interest lists.


Nov. 4th, 2009 12:10 pm
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Okay, what is it about Final Fantasy 7?

It's one thing at Milliways, where three of the five Final Fantasy characters on the cast list are from some variation of 7. (Although, unless someone else apps an FF character this month, that will shortly be three of six. Rejoice, for I have finally sent in my Kain app!) There, at least, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other canons to play around with.

But I'm also in another game, at [ profile] piecesofworlds. There are, apart from modly NPCs, ten characters there: two OCs, my Felix, a Sora, two characters from canons I've never heard of - one of whom has yet to post or comment - and four characters from four different points on the FF7 timeline. (Sephiroth, Vincent, Cloud, and Tifa, in the order they showed up; I have no idea how the canon timeline is laid out.) I recognize that most of the muns involved seem to know each other from outside the game, but it still seems a bit excessive to have nearly half of the characters coming from a single canon.

Maybe I should stick Don Quixote in there. He'd certainly stir things up.
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I've got a little list;
I've got a little list!
Of the many many Sylars that the audience is shown. )

Any disagreements? Better names to offer? Others that should go on the list?

Also, Read more... )
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If none of you will ask for it, I'll do it for myself.

RP Meme B for Felix )
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It seems to be much easier to go from Felix's mode of speaking to Kain's than vice versa.

In other news, I had an odd dream. )


Oct. 16th, 2009 12:01 pm
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Congratulations, Milliways, you can mark another notch under my name. It wasn't direct, immediate impetus this time, but once again you've contributed to my investigating a canon.

This time, it's Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I picked it up yesterday and I am quite enthralled. I don't feel like I'm very far into it yet, although I've encountered more than half of the "mysteries", but it has grabbed me like only Zelda has previously.

The graphics are charming, the voices and music extraordinary, and the puzzles...

It's really very interesting to see which types of puzzles come particularly easy to me. The math ones, of course; I was expecting that. What's more interesting is that I'm quite good at the odd-one-out ones. As I predicted, the only one that's thoroughly stumped me so far is a slider puzzle (107, in case you're curious).

Five out of five, thus far. Good show, Level 5.
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He's been plotting.

It started, as nearly as I can recall, with some idle speculation on what Felix's canonmates would be doing, seven-plus years after their quest. I decided years ago that Isaac and Jenna got married between one and two years post-game.

That's when brain stepped in. )

That's where things get complicated. It's one thing to ask someone to NPC an OC, especially a four-year-old. But I'd want people with some experience and familiarity with the relevant canon for the other two established characters. Based on a series of interest searches and friend links, complicated by the fact that there are apparently a number of current or former Golden Sun RP accounts with no listed interests, there are more Golden Sun character journals than I thought, but nothing like (for instance) Harry Potter or Lost journals.

And, if Felix makes a slip of the tongue as Brain suggested and has to show Milliways to the others, a Milliways Jenna-mun would be absolutely required. Sigh.

*points* That pair of tags seems to go together more often than any other combination.


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