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So. My replacement computer has arrived. It's got a 10key thing to the side, which will take some getting used to, at least as far as navigation goes. It's a day later than I expected, but it seems to be functional. It's more black than I'd have chosen, though.

I'm not entirely pleased with Windows 7. I had a system, with my Vista machine, that won't work quite right with 7's peculiarities. If any readers happen to know how to fiddle with the taskbar settings, I'd appreciate some help.

In other news... GOLDEN SUN: DARK DAWN!

Yes, day 378 the title is released. My suspicion is that they were going for Dark Sunrise - so that the initials would be DS - and missed. Perhaps there was an error in translation, perhaps someone said "No, that's stupid"... who knows? At any rate, there's an additional trailer, several screenshots - and an outline of the premise, along with the names and official portraits of the three characters (Matthew, Karis, and Terrell. I might continue to think of them as David, Emma, and Garetclone.).

Holiday 2010 is the listed release date.
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Tuesday of next week will be the Day.

I have managed to get representatives of Hewlett-Packard Company to send a replacement for my computer. A box in which to send back my current computer should arrive within 3-4 days, and once FedEx (probably) registers it as picked up the replacement will be shipped, with an expected travel time of another 3-4 days. So, by the fifteenth (eight days from now) I should have my new computer.

Also, next Tuesday is the first day of Electronic Entertainment Exposition 2010, and the day on which Nintendo gives its E3 press conference. If there is to be any information on Golden Sun DS, any at all, something more substantial than the dozen screenshots we have will be presented or otherwise made available on the fifteenth.

So. Big day next week.
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My computer, the Device Formerly Known as Connor, has issues. The most prominent of these is that it tends to hibernate without prompting, on an accelerating but unpredictable schedule. I have contacted HP several times over this, with little actual benefit.

I thought, this latest time, I had made my position quite clear. In my initial email, I said, "At this point, I desire a physical replacement of whatever components could conceivably be responsible, or of the device itself. I will not, this time, be sending my laptop to any HP repair center; I want to be able to personally monitor what happens to it."

That was last night, around 7:30 p.m. Today, at 9:40 a.m., I get the latest response, saying basically that "we're sorry what we said last night didn't fix it. We think it's probably a general hardware thing, so send it to us and we'll fix it." Along with, for some reason, a request that I not "perform any troubleshooting on your own."

Um, NO. I'm not letting this thing be dealt with unless I am there, watching, at the very least. Three of the last four times I sent it to the repair center they simply re-imaged the hard drive, which - it should be obvious if they have access to my case history - doesn't solve the problem.

Huff. Huff. Huff.
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Apparently, the vector-graphics program Inkscape doesn't recognize the scroll-wheel part of my laptop's touchpad as a scroll wheel. And, unfortunately, my wireless mouse is apparently having some sort of connection problems that are edging into unuseability.

Incidentally, I've started putting things on deviantArt, which might interest some of you. There's not much there yet, partly because dA's upload process doesn't seem to get along with Firefox. Or maybe my computer. Or maybe the couple-hundred FF tabs I have open.


Mar. 8th, 2010 03:53 pm
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In which Kd7 complains. )
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My laptop has been fainting at unpredictable, accelerating intervals lately, so I am sending it to get repaired. This means that my internet access will be sharply limited until it returns. I am assured that this will take no more than two to six business days, but we'll see.

This, being the first week of school, is possibly the most inconvenient time available for me to lose access to my own computer.
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arglefargle prerequisites

rassumfrassum textbook costs

murrrgle filled sections

frumben computer malfunctions


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