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I am beginning to revise my opinion about insurance being the worst extant thing in contemporary society.

So UNM has this "consortium agreement" program, where I can take some classes at another school and as long as I've got at least six credit hours at UNM itself and come to full time in total I can get my full-time-student financial aid from UNM. And things work out such that I can drop off the form to have the UNM advisors fill out their part on August 31. Those of you who are paying attention will note that this is now two weeks ago.

Where I drop the form off, there is a sign, indicating that dropped-off forms can be picked up after 48 hours. It includes a "no exceptions" clause, although I'm now being expected to believe that that applies to an earlier part of the sign and not the 48 hours clause.

So. The following Monday is Labor Day, and they're not going to be there. But that's fine, the guy I turn it in to says I can come in Tuesday and it'll be ready. Well, Tuesday comes, and it's not very feasible to get down there, so I show up Wednesday.

And they don't have my form. So I say, basically, "look for it" and head to class. I come back after, and it turns out the advisor who was supposed to be filling it out has encountered a problem and needs to shut down is holding on to it. I get them to give me her email address and leave. I send an email that afternoon, saying "hey, what's up?"

She responds the next day, Thursday the sixth. She's contacted the math advisor with a concern that she has, and said math advisor has probably been out of the office lately because she's usually really good at response turnaround time. She says, further, that I shouldn't worry because as far as she knows there's no deadline for the consortium form.

That is where the warning bells start. When I turned in the form, back on the 31st, I specifically asked what the deadline was. And they said the next Friday, September 7.

So. In what may not be the best-considered of all actions, I go in the next day to see what's up. You say there's no deadline, they say there's a deadline today, what's going on, sort of thing. Also what's the concern. It turns out the concern is that one of the other-college classes I'm taking is Calculus 1, which is covered by my AP scores. So it might be counted as a repeat class, which the consortium people don't like. Even though the AP scores in question are seven and eight years old. And the math department has some kind of five-year policy on repeats. I don't understand the problem, but apparently it might exist. Anyway. She still has not heard back from the math advisor. As for the deadline thing, that apparently has something to do with registered credit hours, and if the agreement doesn't go through or the math class sin't counted things could get messy. So she has me sign up for a couple of second-half-of-the-semester PE classes, which should make it all work out. She also says she'll stay in touch.

So I do. And she doesn't. And we come to today. The sign says two days, it's been two weeks. So I go in again, and say "what's going on?" Apparently they learned on Wednesday, the twelfth day after I turned in the form, that the math advisor is having trouble receiving her email. It takes until I'm talking to this advisor for it to occur to her that she might possibly call the math advisor on the phone, or go in person, to figure out the issue.

There is, I think, not enough headdesk in the world. Possibly I should get a team of monkeys to do my headdesking for me.
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In my sociology class today, we watched a thing about how messed up the health-insurance system in America is.

And now I find I'm wanting to defeat someone or something, not by being right or logical, but by being louder, stronger, or otherwise more powerful.

This is not a feeling I'm very familiar with in myself, though I recognize it well enough from my experience of others. I'm generally more like, well, Spock or Fluttershy, but right now I'm feeling more like Worf or Rainbow Dash or Korra. And I'm not sure how to fix it.
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Dear Bronydom,

It's not often that Rarity is the pony best suited to voicing my thoughts, but she is now.

The thoughts in question relate to the recent alterations to the episode The Last Roundup. Or more precisely, your reactions thereunto.

Point one. Point two.

Thank you for your time,

Kilo Delta
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... ... ... Wow, the new comment interface is ugly. No preview option, no actually-good icon selection... It almost feels like they took every positive thing about the old interface and decided to remove it.

No apparent change to the post-an-entry interface, thus far, and there's some indication that existing comment-subjects are retained, but... bad move, LJ.
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"If you like Dragons you might like Pandas check out the trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2"

Where is the logic? The grammar? The punctuation?
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Okay, so. My sister, this past spring, decided to attend high-school prom. Not something I'd likely do, but not something with which I have any particular problem. In the process of preparing, she went out and got a dress. Again, not something I'd do, but not something to which I object to.

This fall, she decides she wants to attend the Homecoming dance. Which makes me feel like she's a bit over-danced, but what's a guy to do? Anyway, she is apparently of the opinion that she needs a brand-new, separate dress for that.

What? Okay, a suit is a suit. I'd be equally willing to wear my suit to church, to work, to court, to the White House... And a dress is pretty much equivalent to a suit, right? So, therefore, a dress is a dress. I mean, unless you get down to sundresses and that sort of thing. So if you've already got a dress, what exactly is the problem with reusing it?
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No, those aren't things to go with recent purchases. You know why? Because of the six suggestions, only two (maybe) have any connection to the things I've bought beyond Category: Video-Game-Related. Getting a couple of RPGs for a previous-gen handheld doesn't mean I want an FPS for a different company's current-gen console, or an audio cable to go with yet another company's consoles. Or an XBOX.
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It seems Felix has stumbled upon a nest of trolls. Potterverse trolls, at that.

Twice this week, his posts (one in his journal, one in [livejournal.com profile] pieces_logs) were commented on by usernames I've never encountered before, with no profile information or posts, created last month, saying unrelated things about Harry Potter characters.

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That if LJ can recognize that I am me enough to not send me double-notifications when someone replies to [livejournal.com profile] venusadept_2's comments in [livejournal.com profile] mm_kd7's posts, it should be able to not send emails saying, "Hi [livejournal.com profile] kd7sov, [livejournal.com profile] kd7sov's birthday is coming up!"

You'd think.


Dec. 26th, 2009 12:41 pm
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See, IE, this is why I prefer to use Firefox. (Which, in turn, is why I have so many tabs open that Firefox has trouble playing any video, which is why I have to keep turning to IE. But we're not mentioning that.)

Anyway, in Firefox, if I type the address and get it right, it never takes me to a Bing search. If I select the address from my history it certainly never does a search. If the target no longer exists there it might give me a "Problem Loading Page" message, but never a "do you want to find this?".

I can possibly understand you getting a bit stroppy with those pages that don't load properly without the www on the beginning, but anything beyond that... no, thank you.
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I must not get angry at letters to the editor.
I must not get angry at letters to the editor.
I must not get angry at letters to the editor.

This one, from this morning's paper, in particular:

Thanks, George Bush

We are starting our sixth year of not being attacked, thanks to George Bush. Our taxes are low, and the economy is robust. I cannot thank the president enough for everything he has done to make my home and family safe.

Millions of people will be liberated in Iraq, and Saddam won't be killing thousands of his own people. It will be hard to say over time how many millions of lives will be saved by the sacrifice of our brave troops.

The French and Germans and Democrats are now coming back and saying maybe we should help, now that it looks like we could win and that it's going to be politically correct.

People at home who hate Bush just don't get it. They would rather have high taxes, stock market crashes because of terrorist attacks on our own soil, stand in line for government subsidies and run and hide when the going gets tough.

Well, yes, I would rather have higher taxes than continue throwing blood at an enemy so ill-defined it can't be beaten and another that has nothing to do with the declared war. To paraphrase a song: "We have no chance! No chance at all; why throw our lives away?" The Iraqi government has asked us to pull out. The American people have asked us to pull out. The American Congress has asked us to pull out. But apparently no such thing will be considered until the Current Occupant becomes the Prior Occupant.

Gah. Utah: the only state where Bush still has a significant portion of the people rooting for him.
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Dear Mister Bush:

Oh, do see sense. There is no way to win this war. It may have been possible at the beginning, although I have my doubts, but it is not now. We can either withdraw or lose.* We have, as I see it, two options: you can keep sending people to Iraq until every male and many females between the ages of eighteen and... what, forty? is dead; or we can pull out like the American people and the Iraqi government, among others, want, and attempt to salvage some of our reputation and standing. The choice is yours.

Oh, and by the way, regarding the stuff a few months ago about funding? If Congress passes a funding bill and you veto it, it's not their fault if the troops don't get money.

* This is rather like the war on terror in this respect. You can't fight terrorism any more than you can fight lightning. You can attempt to disperse the clouds that tend to form it, but you can't fight it, and if you try you'll just be raising a bunch of metal into the air so the lightning will hit you more.


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