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Yesterday I did a thing I hadn't done before.

I bought a comic book.

(Technically I've bought comics before, in the form of one of the Order of the Stick prequels, but that's not quite the same thing.)

In point of fact, I got three: Issue 1 of the new Sigil, and issues twelve and thirteen of the old Meridian. All are by CrossGen Comics, although at some point between 2004 and now CrossGen became part of Marvel.

It is interesting to look at the differences between the old stuff and the new, particularly considering that I only previously encountered the old stuff in bound collections - trade paperbacks and the like.

Oh, look, it's about comic books. )

Which isn't to say I won't keep an eye out, and perhaps even buy Issue 2 next month. But I'm not entirely happy with the apparent direction they're taking this.
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Okay, so. My sister, this past spring, decided to attend high-school prom. Not something I'd likely do, but not something with which I have any particular problem. In the process of preparing, she went out and got a dress. Again, not something I'd do, but not something to which I object to.

This fall, she decides she wants to attend the Homecoming dance. Which makes me feel like she's a bit over-danced, but what's a guy to do? Anyway, she is apparently of the opinion that she needs a brand-new, separate dress for that.

What? Okay, a suit is a suit. I'd be equally willing to wear my suit to church, to work, to court, to the White House... And a dress is pretty much equivalent to a suit, right? So, therefore, a dress is a dress. I mean, unless you get down to sundresses and that sort of thing. So if you've already got a dress, what exactly is the problem with reusing it?
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My computer, the Device Formerly Known as Connor, has issues. The most prominent of these is that it tends to hibernate without prompting, on an accelerating but unpredictable schedule. I have contacted HP several times over this, with little actual benefit.

I thought, this latest time, I had made my position quite clear. In my initial email, I said, "At this point, I desire a physical replacement of whatever components could conceivably be responsible, or of the device itself. I will not, this time, be sending my laptop to any HP repair center; I want to be able to personally monitor what happens to it."

That was last night, around 7:30 p.m. Today, at 9:40 a.m., I get the latest response, saying basically that "we're sorry what we said last night didn't fix it. We think it's probably a general hardware thing, so send it to us and we'll fix it." Along with, for some reason, a request that I not "perform any troubleshooting on your own."

Um, NO. I'm not letting this thing be dealt with unless I am there, watching, at the very least. Three of the last four times I sent it to the repair center they simply re-imaged the hard drive, which - it should be obvious if they have access to my case history - doesn't solve the problem.

Huff. Huff. Huff.
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As reported on the Golden Sun fansite Golden Sun Syndicate, Nintendo's annual report lists Golden Sun DS as a 2010 release (at least in America). This? Is not news. This hasn't been news since about four seconds after the initial announcement started.

What might be news is the confirmation that it probably won't be released as "Golden Sun DS". No information is offered as to what might replace that title, but it's more than we've had in over 335 days.

I just want something. A character name, a release date, an image of the fourth party member, an indication of who reappears...


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