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You know what's sometimes really fascinating?

The "More Like This" box deviantART added to the side of picture pages a bit ago.

For instance. This is Ivan. I just saw a fanart of him for which that box featured several instances of the title character of Yotsuba&!. (Who, curiously, does share his daughter Karis' hair color. Is dA promoting crossover ships as backstory...?)

For another instance. Mudshipping, in Golden Sun fandom, is shipping of Isaac with Mia. I just saw a mudshipping fanart for which every picture in that box, except one, was Legend of Zelda fanart. I mean, yes, I can see some resemblance between Isaac and Link, and one of the Hylian goddesses has blue hair, but almost every picture?

I wonder what it looks at. I imagine the artist, and what else the artist has uploaded, plays a part, but clearly that isn't everything.


Jun. 1st, 2010 01:19 pm
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When I'm making a picture in Inkscape, I tend to start from shapes or lines and modify them. This can sometimes produce... interesting results.

Take, for instance, something I'm doing that includes Felix. I had placed the head and facial features, and was working on the hair, when I noticed something odd about the way it looked.

Not exactly how Felix wants to look, I think.

I did it!

May. 28th, 2010 10:56 pm
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Some of you may recall the Milliways Charity Auction for Haiti, in relation to which I mentioned a picture involving Toph beating up Felix.

Well. I've finally managed to make it.

Ta-da! )

This is also a post to show off my new icon. You see, I worked on this picture from left to right, and before I put Toph in it looked like Felix had scored a critical failure on his earth-attack. For the record, I hate dealing with text in Inkscape.
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Apparently, the vector-graphics program Inkscape doesn't recognize the scroll-wheel part of my laptop's touchpad as a scroll wheel. And, unfortunately, my wireless mouse is apparently having some sort of connection problems that are edging into unuseability.

Incidentally, I've started putting things on deviantArt, which might interest some of you. There's not much there yet, partly because dA's upload process doesn't seem to get along with Firefox. Or maybe my computer. Or maybe the couple-hundred FF tabs I have open.


Jan. 25th, 2010 11:01 am
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Okay, you know how looking at old stories you wrote, or old Milliways threads, or whatever, can make you cringe?

As a follow-up to my last post, I went looking for a folder that had served, from about 2003 or '04 until probably early '06, as the place for my fandom and creativity stuff. I was looking for it because I remembered sketching a few OCs for a Golden Sun fanfic that never actually got anywhere. (I did eventually write the first chapter, which featured three other OCs but none of the ones I drew.)

What I didn't count on was what else was in the folder. Most perplexing, on the back of a script-form outline of a completely different GS fic, is a set of four drawings: a crescent moon, a circus tent, a scroll, and a wheeled cage with rotting ribs inside and a box riveted to the bottom.

Other highlights include... )

Plus, of course, the aforementioned OC pictures.

I may have to scan and upload, somewhere, the shadow-man. You can tell I took it very seriously at the time, if only from the fact that I drew stubble on the guy's chin but completely forgot to give a shadow to his backpack.


Jan. 25th, 2010 05:27 am
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It all started with the Milliways Haiti Charity Auction, when - out of the blue - I decided to request a picture of Felix and Toph. Brain decided to take this and run with it.

Now he's got me wanting to make a whole set of these crossover pictures - Mia meeting Katara, Jenna meeting Azula, Isaac meeting Bumi, and so on. (We're not really sure who to send Kraden at, but as I'm about to demonstrate, that's fairly minor.) Then I started getting into non-party-member Golden Sun characters, and things got... weird.

The original idea was to pair people up with somewhat-equivalent people of the same element. Unfortunately, Golden Sun has a lot more air-manipulators than AtLA, especially if you include all the werewolves and possibly the Shamans. So at some point I started wondering what to do with Master Hama. Not too bad at first - she seemed ripe for a fruit-pie ambush from a pre-dead Gyatso - but then Brain latched on to something I've been trying to repress.

You see, the third season of Avatar has a character also named Hama )

Ah, well. Now I just need to learn to draw, and particularly to draw the Avatar characters on-model. (For some reason seeing other people's Avatar fanart with off-model characters perturbs me unusually much.)

(How, how do I have an "avatar tla" tag and a "codex alera" tag, but no "golden sun" tag? How did I feel the need for those others but get by without the last?)
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Dear Hands:

What's the problem? Brain can "see" it in three easily-reproduced art styles, as well as at least two that are rather more difficult. So why can't you put it on paper in any of them?

Look, I don't care that it's ridiculous, that it's frivolous, or that it could never happen. Just draw it!

Moderate love, Me.


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