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Eh, why not?

Comment with a pair of characters (one has to be mine) and I'll give you a ramble type paragraph from my character's POV on how they view yours.

And yes, my past characters are valid choices for this. I'll even try for impressions of characters that mine haven't met, if you want.
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I wonder how many people can legitimately say that the voices in their heads keep them sane?

It's odd to say, I know. But if one's definition of sanity includes understanding and being able to deal with other people, I'd say it's accurate enough for me.

Way back when I started at Milliways, I believed I played Felix basically as myself. This was not entirely true - I played him as somewhere between myself and his canonical self, with a few aspects from neither. Vestiges of this remain to this day. But it sort of set the stage for playing him as he actually is, and even more, hearing him. The Felix who lives in my head today may not be precisely the canonical Felix. But he specifically isn't me. He has different goals, motivations, and responses than I do. And because he isn't me, but I have access to his personality, I have that much more understanding of persons-other-than-me. It's no longer exactly trial and error - or it is, but without external consequences.

And the other voices I've picked up along the way - Kain, and Rose, and Fluttershy, and Applejack, and to a lesser degree Spock and Karis, and even the alternate Felixes - all help. They're at different degrees of not-me, but more importantly, they're in different directions. Even if Rose were more like me, she wouldn't necessarily be more like Kain. Spock isn't on the same line as Fluttershy, no matter what their respective 'distances'. And so on. Which means that I have more places I can look to figure out what people expect, and how they will react to whatever I do.

I still don't expect to ever be "normal", but because of headvoices I think I can fake it better than I used to.
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My little sister has been making a plush version of Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon. She finished it last night, and this morning I took a few pictures.

I have become convinced that Brain is taunting me. It started innocuously enough a few months ago, when I sort of started idly statting out Felix for Homestuck. All was fine for a while, until... someone posted this to one of the Golden Sun groups on deviantArt. Buried in there is a snippet that changes (inner) worlds: "[S] Ivan: Do the windy thing" Immediately, Brain started in on the parallels, and before long had decided that I needed to set up all sixteen party members from the Golden Sun games for Sburb sessions. Soon I had set up a spreadsheet with all the HS kids and trolls, their colors, titles, lands, and so on, and started in on the Sunnites. Now Brain has decided that I ought to set up Himi - the last person to join in Dark Dawn - as being related to Mary, from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Due to the rather twisted way Brain works, this would make her a one-person four-way crossover. (Because, you see, Mary entered the picture as another potential ship for the version of Felix in the Young Wizards 'verse, after I decided it would be too much trouble to make Sheba work both as a similarly-transplanted character and as a love interest for this Felix.)

And, as long as I'm here, [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna has presented me with questions from the Interview Meme:

→ Leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.
→ I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
→ Update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
→ Include this explanation.
→ Ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Here's what she asked! )
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Well. A week has passed since I last posted, and quite a week it's been.

I got Dark Dawn, and am pleased with it. Not pleased enough with aspects of the worldbuilding to retcon my millicanon enough to fit, but I enjoy the game. Now I'm debating whether to cultivate a particular proto-headvoice for Milliways or give Felix opportunity to meet her.

Thursday, though, was pretty bad. I spent most of the day in bed, throwing up. The next three-four days were spent with a throat full of sore, a head full of stuffed, and ears full of ache. Monday was borderline, and Tuesday I felt well enough to resume life.

Unfortunately, Tuesday was prone to network and scheduling problems. And ljlogin becoming broken, for no good reason I can find. So now I am finally able to return to my internets, catch up on my flist, and so on. This afternoon I think I'll EP with some advance setup for a Dark Dawn-inspired plot.

In the meantime, have a meme.

Ask me about any character, and I will tell you some combination of:

a) five facts about them from my personal fanon
b) two reasons they're amazing
c) five things I'd like to see happen to them
d) three people I might ship them with and why
e) if I don't know them, I will make something up

Obviously, characters you know I know are best, but I doubt there are many of those; as long as you avoid non-Ghibli anime and manga, I should be able to do at least e) above.
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From [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna: Comment and I'll pick six interests of yours, which you then have to describe!

Fi picked:

These six. )

If asked, I could ramble on about Avalon Code for considerably more time, but it wouldn't be long before the discussion dissolved into spoilery stuff or disjointed musings about characterization and worldbuilding.
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Ask me for my top five of anything, and I will, in one or more separate posts, list them. Possibly with pictures. Fannish top fives are preferred, but I'll answer for just about anything. Answers may not actually be the "top" five, but rather the first set that come to mind.


Jan. 25th, 2010 11:01 am
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Okay, you know how looking at old stories you wrote, or old Milliways threads, or whatever, can make you cringe?

As a follow-up to my last post, I went looking for a folder that had served, from about 2003 or '04 until probably early '06, as the place for my fandom and creativity stuff. I was looking for it because I remembered sketching a few OCs for a Golden Sun fanfic that never actually got anywhere. (I did eventually write the first chapter, which featured three other OCs but none of the ones I drew.)

What I didn't count on was what else was in the folder. Most perplexing, on the back of a script-form outline of a completely different GS fic, is a set of four drawings: a crescent moon, a circus tent, a scroll, and a wheeled cage with rotting ribs inside and a box riveted to the bottom.

Other highlights include... )

Plus, of course, the aforementioned OC pictures.

I may have to scan and upload, somewhere, the shadow-man. You can tell I took it very seriously at the time, if only from the fact that I drew stubble on the guy's chin but completely forgot to give a shadow to his backpack.
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And I know they'll appear,
For there are rules and there are strictures;
I believe the press release they gave
Way back in June,
And real soon
They'll release
Something more than just those pictures.
It won't be long now (I've said before)...
Day number two hundred twenty-four.

I know it's today.
I know it's today!


Well, not actually today. But close. It's not vaporware!

So, yes. Finally, finally, there's some news. As I... apparently didn't post back then, Golden Sun DS was announced at E3 2009. Since then there has been only very little information, all within the first week of June - the poster image of the three known protagonists, and that they're descendants of the prior GS people - and absolutely nothing else.

But now, Nintendo Power has apparently released their table of contents for the February 2010 issue, and GSDS is listed. Yes, it shares its page with two other games, but odds are, at this point, there'll be something. Names, dates, backstory... Something I can use to self-justify pre-ordering.

It's for things like this that I have three separate Golden Sun sites in my daily website check.
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As it's only fair to offer the opportunity to ask things of me that I ask of others:

Pick a pairing from one or more of my fandoms, and come up with a location and/or situation, and I will give you between 50 and 250 words about the kiss that happened in that context.
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This could get a little long. )

It's quite interesting to notice which journals I recognize on which interest lists, and where from. It's particularly interesting to see which people share several of my interests without my having encountered them anywhere on LJ.

One of these days I want to find out what sorting algorithm LJ uses for the entries on the interest lists.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] yakalskovich recommended it in DE at [livejournal.com profile] ways_back_room today, I present the RP Meme.

A. Has my portrayal of a character(s) changed the way you think of him/her?
(This one is a question from me to you!)

B. Pick one of my characters and I'll answer the following questions about him or her.
1. What would your character kill for? What would they die for?
2. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances? Why?
3. What do they dream about?
4. What’s their biggest fear?
5. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
6. What is their fondest memory?
7. What is their worst memory?
8. What or who was were their most significant influence? Expound.
9. What do they believe makes a successful life?
10. What makes them laugh?
11. What are their religious views?
12. What is their greatest strength?
13. Do they have a fatal flaw? If so, what is it?
14. Who is the most important person in their life?
15. If they died, who would miss them most? How would they die?

C. Pick a fandom, any fandom I'm in. I will tell you some stuff that may involve canon ships, fanon ships, fanon trends, and whether or not I think things jumped the shark or went absolutely nuts, or where I myself stopped watching/reading, and why!
If you don't know what fandoms I'm in, toss one at me (please no anime/manga apart from Miyazaki stuff) and I'll see how well I can answer. You can look at my interests and the communities I'm in if you want inspiration.
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Well, well.

I'm in a summer philosophy class at the local community college. Today, in discussing Descartes and the Empiricists - Locke, Berkeley, and Hume - the teacher referred directly to The Matrix, Predator, Helen Keller (those last two in the same sentence, once), and - I'm pretty sure - ReBoot. (He didn't use the name, but he did refer to being computer programs and he specifically used the word "mainframe". Not conclusive, I know, but interesting.)

Also, as direct results of things he said I had flashes of Enchanted and Little Women, but I'm nearly certain that was just coincidence of wording.
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So! Saw Trek last night. 3.5/4 stars.

My thoughts, let me show you them! )


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