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I swear, it's a superpower.

It's been years since I tried for a username and found it already taken.

For "me" stuff, that's because I use my callsign, but even for character journals... littleboyof5 and spockambassador (the latter never used) on Livejournal were the only second-choice usernames I remember ever having to use. Meanwhile I've had [personal profile] venusadept_2 and jeanluc_1701 and [personal profile] baron_dragoon and [personal profile] needs_fern and [personal profile] seriallylucky and [personal profile] dalzoon and obstnatearth and [personal profile] lepata and [personal profile] magnetic_hair and even [personal profile] sunshine_celerystalks... I remember once registering nx_74205_a at Runescape...

And I've looked at a number of others without actually making the accounts; ican_fixit (Fix-It Felix Jr.), imgonna_wreckit (Wreck-It Ralph), and directive_classified (EVE) come to mind at the moment, though I know there have been others.

It's just... weird. But I'm willing to use it for good; if you want me to help you pick out a username, and I know the canon, feel free to ask me and I'll tell you the first thing that comes to mind. It should be available.
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You know what's sometimes really fascinating?

The "More Like This" box deviantART added to the side of picture pages a bit ago.

For instance. This is Ivan. I just saw a fanart of him for which that box featured several instances of the title character of Yotsuba&!. (Who, curiously, does share his daughter Karis' hair color. Is dA promoting crossover ships as backstory...?)

For another instance. Mudshipping, in Golden Sun fandom, is shipping of Isaac with Mia. I just saw a mudshipping fanart for which every picture in that box, except one, was Legend of Zelda fanart. I mean, yes, I can see some resemblance between Isaac and Link, and one of the Hylian goddesses has blue hair, but almost every picture?

I wonder what it looks at. I imagine the artist, and what else the artist has uploaded, plays a part, but clearly that isn't everything.
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You know what would be really nice? If there were an option to, for instance, prevent the posting of any anonymous comment with particular words in it. For instance, "hotels". Sure, some people using that option would lose a few genuine comments, but it'd cut way down on the aggravation for all of us.

Come to think of it, if you're going to get past the CAPTCHA, wouldn't you leave a message that was, if not genuine, at least comprehensible or constructed in a useful way? I don't understand these people.


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