May. 16th, 2012 05:06 pm
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I don't even know. This brain of mine...

Okay, so. I recently did a big reread of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality )

More recently - including a few minutes ago, as I type this - I am also rereading an Avatar fic called Embers )

So. Brain being what he is, these two ideas are attempting to merge.

By your powers combined, I am... Avatar: The Last Logician! )



Jul. 18th, 2011 11:17 pm
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Experiencing alignment issues, please stand by...

Because I feel like it. )

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This could get a little long. )

It's quite interesting to notice which journals I recognize on which interest lists, and where from. It's particularly interesting to see which people share several of my interests without my having encountered them anywhere on LJ.

One of these days I want to find out what sorting algorithm LJ uses for the entries on the interest lists.
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So I saw a movie Saturday. I suspect you may be able to guess which one.

Yes, Harry Potter 5. )

Also, while I was watching I had an epiphany. )
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So, it's been a week, and the clicking* seems to have stopped. So here are my thoughts on Book 7.

Cut to spare your poor, spoilered eyes )

I just got the first three, so I now have them all and can go through looking for clues and interlinkages and trying to match up the dates. Fun.

*The clicking is how I refer to it when something comes along - like HP 7 or Heroes episode 22 - that makes a whole lot of other stuff make sense. I get a sensation very much like that scene near the end of The Book of Night with Moon, when the Powerspell is putting itself together inside Rhiow's head, with pieces clicking into place. Thus, the clicking.
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So, yes. I have a copy of Book 7. (Now I just need 1-3.) I showed up at eight or so and was out the door by 12:30. I am presently reading it, currently around page 160. I'll do my best to keep spoilers here under lj-cuts, although I can't promise anything. (Hence the icon, no?)

And now, as a teaser, the_first_death )


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