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The bluebird overrides the seismograph.

(You may write that down if you need to.)

Also, I apparently need a high-pressure refresher course on natural logs.
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I am beginning to revise my opinion about insurance being the worst extant thing in contemporary society.

So UNM has this "consortium agreement" program, where I can take some classes at another school and as long as I've got at least six credit hours at UNM itself and come to full time in total I can get my full-time-student financial aid from UNM. And things work out such that I can drop off the form to have the UNM advisors fill out their part on August 31. Those of you who are paying attention will note that this is now two weeks ago.

Where I drop the form off, there is a sign, indicating that dropped-off forms can be picked up after 48 hours. It includes a "no exceptions" clause, although I'm now being expected to believe that that applies to an earlier part of the sign and not the 48 hours clause.

So. The following Monday is Labor Day, and they're not going to be there. But that's fine, the guy I turn it in to says I can come in Tuesday and it'll be ready. Well, Tuesday comes, and it's not very feasible to get down there, so I show up Wednesday.

And they don't have my form. So I say, basically, "look for it" and head to class. I come back after, and it turns out the advisor who was supposed to be filling it out has encountered a problem and needs to shut down is holding on to it. I get them to give me her email address and leave. I send an email that afternoon, saying "hey, what's up?"

She responds the next day, Thursday the sixth. She's contacted the math advisor with a concern that she has, and said math advisor has probably been out of the office lately because she's usually really good at response turnaround time. She says, further, that I shouldn't worry because as far as she knows there's no deadline for the consortium form.

That is where the warning bells start. When I turned in the form, back on the 31st, I specifically asked what the deadline was. And they said the next Friday, September 7.

So. In what may not be the best-considered of all actions, I go in the next day to see what's up. You say there's no deadline, they say there's a deadline today, what's going on, sort of thing. Also what's the concern. It turns out the concern is that one of the other-college classes I'm taking is Calculus 1, which is covered by my AP scores. So it might be counted as a repeat class, which the consortium people don't like. Even though the AP scores in question are seven and eight years old. And the math department has some kind of five-year policy on repeats. I don't understand the problem, but apparently it might exist. Anyway. She still has not heard back from the math advisor. As for the deadline thing, that apparently has something to do with registered credit hours, and if the agreement doesn't go through or the math class sin't counted things could get messy. So she has me sign up for a couple of second-half-of-the-semester PE classes, which should make it all work out. She also says she'll stay in touch.

So I do. And she doesn't. And we come to today. The sign says two days, it's been two weeks. So I go in again, and say "what's going on?" Apparently they learned on Wednesday, the twelfth day after I turned in the form, that the math advisor is having trouble receiving her email. It takes until I'm talking to this advisor for it to occur to her that she might possibly call the math advisor on the phone, or go in person, to figure out the issue.

There is, I think, not enough headdesk in the world. Possibly I should get a team of monkeys to do my headdesking for me.
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May 30, last year, I began to watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And ever since then, I have tried to have an open mind about gender roles. But it seems I still have a long way to go.

Sundry rambling about sociology and myself, mostly; the pony's mostly tangential. )
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Way back in high school, I took four or five years of German. It was pretty fun, but not enough that I've ever tried to pursue it in college. I managed to pick up bibs and bobs of a few other languages here and there, but again, nothing major or continuing. The long and short of it is, it's been a long time since I actually tried to do anything much with any language other than English; somewhere between six and eight years, I think.

This semester, I needed a foreign language. The offered options were Spanish, French, and Arabic. I chose the last, in part because I wanted to try something quite outside my experience. And it's interesting. Challenging, on account of being in a different language family and using such a different set of sounds and shapes, but interesting.

Anyway, I have heard that a good way to learn a new language is to watch cartoons in it. So I figured, why not a cartoon I'm already familiar with? (I have no idea whether this is helpful or counterproductive, but it's what I'm trying.) As it happened, the week that I started checking was the week before ماي ليتل بوني (the official Arabic transliteration of "My Little Pony") began airing, and I found a Youtube channel that looked likely to carry it.

Then DE MAGICKS happened. (More about language and myself than about Pony, but caveat emptor.) )

So, yeah. I can understand German better now than when I was actively studying it. Crazy world.
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I am not entirely pleased with my school schedule this semester.

Oh, the classes are all right, at least so far. But getting to and from...

My first class Mondays and Wednesdays starts at 1:00. If I walk, it takes me about forty-five minutes to get there. Driving's closer to ten, but means I have to deal with a car, and find parking, and maybe buy gas.

That class ends about fifteen minutes before the bus comes for the next stage. This bus, over the course of about fifteen minutes, gets me to another bus, which takes another half hour to get me to the other campus, where my other MW class is.

Or rather, almost to the other campus; the nearest stop is about six blocks away. So that's another twenty or so minutes of walking.

That class doesn't get out until quarter to six, at which point there's a little bit of sunset left. So I have to retrace the twenty-minute walk in the dark, and quite likely get to the bus stop shortly after the bus leaves, adding another half hour to wait for the next one.

All in all, I don't get home before about seven at night. It's even worse on Wednesdays, when I have another thing in the morning, which has me out of the house from eight-thirty until noon.
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And now, just like that, the stress is gone. Yes, I have two more finals, but they're in classes... well, let's just say that the lowest score I've gotten on a test in either class was 83%. I'm in no danger of failing either of those, and this one? It's in the past now. For good or ill, it's done, and stable. Not something to worry about any more; something to learn from, perhaps, but not something still hanging in the air.


Dec. 8th, 2009 03:59 pm
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This? Is not so much a great day, for me. Or, really, a great week. Human idiocy dominates the radio news reports; I've got a final tomorrow that I'm likely to fail in a class I'm fairly sure I'll fail regardless of the final's score; no one will give me canonmates for Felix; my display is fairly broken; and it's cold outside. And now the ad by my posting window is being irritating.

Honestly, people. If you're going to like an idea, you should continue to like it after you're told that it comes from one or more members of another political party. Politics in the US is broken. Time to start over from scratch. No elephants, no donkeys, and no participation beyond personal voting from anyone previously involved above the city level.

Why do I need this Business Thought class? I don't care how my bosses make their decisions, or why. And no, Douglas McGregor, I don't have any ambition or self-direction to speak of. Point me in a direction, tell me how far to go and what to do there, and I'm fine. People are messy. Give me numbers - be they grammar-numbers, numbers-called-by-names, or ordinary unadorned numbers - and keep the psychology to yourself.


Nov. 9th, 2009 08:43 am
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What do I care about the basis for mangerial decisions? I'm fundamentally unsuited to making them, and it doesn't really matter why my employers give the instructions they do.

Why can't it all just be numbers? I can deal with numbers. "Business thought", not so much.

You may have known,
Before I met them, I've never known.
So if you ask me what I prefer,
I'd say the numbers - that much is sure.
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My accounting teacher has been talking for some weeks about the "fifty-five minute test" to come today. I managed to finish said test in under twenty-five minutes. None of that time was spent wondering "what do I do now?", and very little was spent on "did I do that right?". I didn't skip any questions or parts of questions.

I mean, I know I don't tend to get interrupted by the expiration of the time limit, but I don't think I've ever finished in the first half of the period, either.
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My laptop has been fainting at unpredictable, accelerating intervals lately, so I am sending it to get repaired. This means that my internet access will be sharply limited until it returns. I am assured that this will take no more than two to six business days, but we'll see.

This, being the first week of school, is possibly the most inconvenient time available for me to lose access to my own computer.
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arglefargle prerequisites

rassumfrassum textbook costs

murrrgle filled sections

frumben computer malfunctions
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I wonder if Locke ever said anything along the lines of "HAHA NO."
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Well, well.

I'm in a summer philosophy class at the local community college. Today, in discussing Descartes and the Empiricists - Locke, Berkeley, and Hume - the teacher referred directly to The Matrix, Predator, Helen Keller (those last two in the same sentence, once), and - I'm pretty sure - ReBoot. (He didn't use the name, but he did refer to being computer programs and he specifically used the word "mainframe". Not conclusive, I know, but interesting.)

Also, as direct results of things he said I had flashes of Enchanted and Little Women, but I'm nearly certain that was just coincidence of wording.


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