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My brother's been leaving a baseball cap on the couch, so I put it on top of our (still-undecorated) Christmas tree.

It looks pretty good. Maybe I should take a picture and post it.
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It's called Spitzer Space Telescope: The Musical, although there are a lot of applicable musical tropes it doesn't have. It does have singing cartoon suns and a guy who reminds me of Johnny Depp as Wonka.

Sadly, I can't download and save it, as they seem to assume everyone's using iPods or at least iTunes.

Also, these people have Felicia Day in one of their most recent other videos, along with "Sean Astin". Yes, the quotes are required. You'll see why if you watch.

*wanders off singing* "There are lights in the sky that we can't see In the darkest parts of the galaxy; With Spitzer's spectrum we can detect 'em Easily."
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As you may have heard, There are no bananas in the sky.

For the benefit of those who haven't, I will repeat the announcement on that topic. I don't know who originally made it.

There are no bananas in the sky.
There are no bananas in the sky.
There's a sun and moon and coconut cream pie,
But there are no bananas in the sky.

Inspired by this, I have undertaken research and found that There is no bologna in the sea.
That's right, there is no bologna in the sea.
There are fish and sharks and chamomile tea,
But there is no bologna in the sea.


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