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When last we left our gallant heroes, we only had about half of them. Felix's family, Jenna and Faran, and Mia were all in the neighborhood, and Isaac's family had been created but not placed. This time... we change some of that. Also, in here I learned to take larger pictures, so be aware of that.

Let's get back to the Vales.


The Vales managed to get themselves a fairly nice house. I'm not very good at taking pictures, so I can't actually show it to you. Sorry.

This family, incidentally, is one of only three in which we know the canonical names of all the members, and don't know that there's adoption or fostering involved. The others are Lady Uzume's family in Izumo (consisting of her brother Susa and his fiancee/wife Kushinada, and by Dark Dawn their son Takeru (not actually seen) and daughter Himi), and Mia's family (Alex is her cousin, and Justin and Megan are apparently some relation, though exactly what is unclear).

A few things of note happened. Faran decided, utterly out of nowhere, to sprint onto their property and into their house simply to shove Dora rudely. I don't even know. On the other hand, now I know that Sims can get furious at other Sims.

Isaac got a new baby brother, whom I naturally named Matthew. Sadly, I haven't taken any pictures of him. The birth cutscene was rather cute, involving Dora's PlumbBob writhing then splitting off a smaller one, belonging to the baby. (For reference, it's possible Ivan may get a little sister named Karis, but the other next-gen names will be reserved for descendant Sims only.)

And, I think slightly before Matthew was born, Isaac met Sheba!


As it happens, they didn't start off on the right foot at all. I suspect this had something to do with the fact that Isaac had literally just gotten fired, and so wasn't in a good mood at all. But they seem to have smoothed things out a bit. He hasn't met anyone in Felix's family yet (although I think Dora may be trying to fall in love with Felix's father...), but that doesn't matter so much any more, as you'll see shortly.

Then we had the Jerra Trials.


The Jerras - whose surname is a rather interesting story - are by far the biggest Sims family I've ever tried to make and play. In fact, they're only one short of the maximum family size.

Naturally, a big family presents problems, such as feeding and satisfying their needs. I ought to have a picture of the house I built for these guys - on the smallest lot I've yet placed - but I don't. I managed to give it floors and wallpaper and windows, a double bed for the grandparents, another for the parents, a single bed each for Garet and his sister, and another single for the mom to keep an eye on the little brother until he can use it. I gave them a refrigerator, toilet, and shower (in two different bathrooms) - and ran out of money. No tables, no chairs, no crib or toilet-training station or bookcase or indeed any "fun" objects. Naturally my first priority was to get some people some jobs. I decided, given the lack of funds for an alarm clock, that a job requiring the father to be there at four in the morning was not the best bet, but at the moment he, both grandparents, and Garet all have manageable jobs. Garet and Kay aren't doing so well with their homework, largely on account of having no fun, but eventually things will improve, I'm sure. After a couple of days I've been able to get a training toilet, a crib, and a blocks set, so little Aaron should be at least slightly set.

This was an interesting family to make, actually. In Sims 2, natural children's appearances are determined by a rudimentary genetics algorithm, influencing such things as hair color and face shape. The problem is that pre-created Sims don't necessarily have their parents' genes in them. You see, Garet's father has brown hair, but he and all his siblings have red. Brown is dominant over red, so when I simply made the father all of his kids ended up red-haired. I had to de-age the grandparents, rebuild the father through the kid-of-two-Sims subcreator, re-age all three, and then it could work. (Yes, I could instead have made the kids separately, but where's the verisimilitude in that?)

Next up... the Hammets!


Specifically, Lord Hammet, Lady Layana Hammet, and Ivan Hammet. I never said I was going to avoid being silly with the names. You may also notice that with Ivan I have basically departed from the canonical costumery.

This seems, somewhat surprisingly, to be a rather athletic family. Ivan, in canon, is fairly scrawny, and Lord Hammet is fat. Yet, in this, Ivan is a part-time dance instructor, and one of Lady Layana's favorite things to do is ask other people to toss footballs around.



She's also got herself a dance bar, and I suspect if I put a radio near it something interesting would happen. But I haven't done so thus far.

Layana was also my first Sim to go downtown. In broad daylight, so she didn't see any vampires. She did get to wander around a clothes shop for a while, and try on several outfits (mostly downloaded custom content stuff), though she didn't buy anything.

And, finally, some Dalzoon adventures!

You all remember the Dalzoons, right? Felix's family? Well, guess what happened!


Well, first, his mother was tinkering and broke the shower. So she needed to fix it...


...twice. Because of giving up in the middle for unclear reasons, rather than because of breaking it again. But then...


Sheba came strolling by! And Felix happened to be around, so they met! And they hit it off smashingly! She stayed for dinner (at which, they having only four chairs at the table, Felix ended up being the one relegated to the couch) and then she and Felix watched... a music video, I think, while everyone else went to bed. Romantic, maybe not, but it seems to have worked. She eventually went home.

The next day was Jenna's birthday! Felix happened to have the day off from his job, so he was the one to invite the party guests. There was, in fact, a nefarious purpose to this: he invited Sheba, as well as Faran and a random Townie he brought home from school once and a couple of other people who didn't show up. And there was cake, and talking, and fun, and right in the middle of it Felix invited Sheba out on a date. A bit gauche, perhaps, but nobody seemed to mind.


They walked over to Kalay, the local rec center, where they started out by shooting some hoops...


...and then hugging. There was also various flirtation involved. They had their respective First Kisses with each other, and I really wanted a picture of that but apparently you can't take pictures in a cutscene. I daresay someone's loaded it (for other Sims) onto Youtube, though, hang on a minute while I go look... ... Ha, as expected. It was a lot like this, except for the setting and the specific people involved. Just... imagine the boy is Felix and the girl is Sheba, all right? Great.

Before too much longer, the allotted time for the date ran out and Sheba went home. I was hoping she'd end up back at the birthday party, but no dice. But that's all right, the date ended up in the "Good Date" range, and was never in any real danger of deteriorating once I figured out how to direct Felix. So now they are good friends, and will probably get together again soon.

But enough about Felix, this was supposed to be Jenna's day! Felix came back, and everyone gathered around Jenna at the cake.


Celebration was had, although Felix ended up somewhat out of sync. Then Jenna blew out the candles (apparently; I didn't actually catch that happening, just saw them smoking instead of flaming...) and...


...became a teen instead of a kid! It occurs to me that Sim aging is not entirely unlike sprite aging in ReBoot... Anyway, Jenna aged up, started checking her new body out, and briefly had a Want to do homework. ???

I suspect tomorrow after school she's going to head out and buy some new clothes. Not that the ones she has are necessarily unwanted, but I do like being able to customize things.

So that's that! We still need a Piers, but that'll have to wait until I find hair that seems right for him. I wouldn't mind suggestions for what types of community lot various canonical places might be - so far we've got Kalay as a recreation center, Hermes Pool, and Venus Park (right next to the Lighthouse). And soon, we can start Jenna's romance adventures.


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