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As those of you who read my last post may be aware, I've been fiddling with Golden Sun characters in The Sims 2. I'm aware that someone else has done such a thing, but I think my attempts are sufficiently different.

So without further ado, I present...the Jupiters!


This is Sheba:

She's a Knowledge Sim, with Family as a secondary aspiration; her lifetime want is to reach the top of the Architect career track. I'm not entirely sure what that has to do with wind, or with saving the world, or with being seen as a good luck charm (or whatever), but oh well.

And here is Faran:

Well, I say Faran, but I accidentally modeled him on what I remembered Iodem looking like. In my defense, their sprites do look pretty similar from the back.

Faran is a Family Sim, with I think no secondary aspiration set at the moment. His lifetime want is to get a Golden Anniversary - which, since I didn't make his canonical wife (or biological son), means I need to get him married. Probably to a random Townie. Anyway, he's currently on the Military career track, but I want to switch him to Politics when I can.

At first, the two didn't get along very well. Possibly being a single father and a teenage daughter didn't help. But they seem to have ironed out their differences. They live in a lot that's larger than they actually need, so they have very little money. So little, in fact, that they spent most of the first two days with inadequate lighting and no TV.

Sheba recently got an after-school job in the Architecture track; I don't know if that will turn into a full-time job once she ages up, but it seems like a good idea to get her started. I'm not sure what to make of the work uniform:

As you'll soon see, it's different from the adult work uniform for the same job title.

Next up are the Dalzoons.


As you can see, there's Felix and Jenna, both de-aged from my original intentions, and their parents, with arbitrary names. Will and Jan, for no very excellent reason.

Felix and Jenna got off to a bit of a poor start, since the first thing Felix did (after admiring the new bathroom fixtures) was ask her to toss a football around, and she wasn't interested; that dropped her opinion of him by something like twenty points. But they seem to have gotten over it.

Reading to Jenna is apparently a very popular activity; here's Felix wanting to, but he doesn't want to interrupt his mother in the middle of the same task. (When he does read to her, it's rather hilarious to hear him doing the voices.) Said mother is in her work clothes, also for the Architecture track; as you can see, they're quite different from Sheba's, even though they had the same job title at the time.

For a while I was having a very hard time keeping Jenna's Fun level up. This had repercussions, because it meant she wouldn't do her homework and would leave for school in a bad mood. But I think it's pretty much straightened out now. Anyway, here she decides to see what it's like to jump on Felix's bed. This girl, I don't even.

Sims have very little regard for personal space. Felix sat basically on Jenna's homework to do his own, so now she's using his ribs as a writing surface.

I'm a bit disappointed; one of the things I wanted to do here was see if I could make a Felix/Sheba story without either of them dying, but they haven't even met yet, and I'd really like them to do that as teenagers. Faran knows the whole Dalzoon family, but so far neither side has managed to invite the others over. Fortunately you can chat over the phone and raise relationship that way, but I feel like time is running out. Possibly the solution would be to have someone else meet them both and do introductions.

One possibility for that is... Miss Mercury.


Mia, specifically. Her hair is one of two things I recolored for this (the other being Jenna's skirt; most of the other clothes are too complicated for my level of skill, and anyway you can see that what I did to the skirt ended up removing the clothy texture and shadows and so on from it.

I haven't done much with Mia yet; she's got a huge living room, and lives right next door to a public pool (though apparently she can't use it to build Body Skill, because it's on a community lot. I'm sure that makes sense somehow). And... that's about it. But she's better off than the next set...

And, finally, the Vales.


This is Isaac's family, though I'm not too happy with his own design. No scarf, no armor, no properly spiky hair...

I'm thinking of using them as the Felix/Sheba matchmakers, though I don't know whether that would work out either. As it is, they've been created but not moved in anywhere.

So that's what I have so far. I still intend to make Garet's family (the Jerras, thanks to a mistaken translation of someone's name), Piers (probably surnamed Lemuria), and Ivan (with Hammet and Layana; possibly the Kalays?). I thought I had downloaded some hair for Garet, but it doesn't appear to be showing up.


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