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I think I may need a new "My Fandom's Universe" icon: "My fandom's universe is a hall of spiritual mirrors".

I wanna know what happened in 1652. Nita mentions that there've been no vampires in Romania since then, which - along with the statement that there are currently undead there - suggests there were previously.

Fwouph. If you thought elves were slow-aging... According to her ErrantryWiki article, new character Mamvish was the equivalent of an eight-year-old human at the age of about 1750.

Which reminds me, we finally have a specific range in which wizardry is generally granted to humans: 12-14 years old. Which means [livejournal.com profile] dalzoon is completely within the realm of the usual, in that aspect.

Oh, there are plenty of things I can easily plug into that Felix, by the by. Concepts, mostly, such as infra-affinity (or intra-affinity; I don't remember exactly).

You know, from what we've heard of her, I never would have guessed that Kit's sister Helena was a comic-book geek. Or lapsed geek, apparently, but she makes specific (if not explicit) reference to Nightcrawler, the X-Men in general, and the Green Lantern Corps, and explicitly mentions Wonder Woman's lasso. It's a wonder, between that and Carmela's anime enthusiasm, that Kit doesn't seem to have any focus more exotic than Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I find it curious that Irina, Earth's current Planetary wizard, always shows up with a parakeet. Her baby's more understandable, but the bird - which doesn't seem to display irregularities on the same level as Peach or Ponch - seems like it could be left at home.

Nita, Katara. Katara, Nita. I think you may have a bit to say to each other.

Good book. Awaiting announcement of the next.

Edit: Oh, and the shippers are going to have fun with the last half. Probably already are, come to think of it.


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