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Okay, this is fairly disconcerting.

So. You've got me. I don't swear.
You've got Felix. Felix pretty much doesn't swear; in all the time I've played him at Milliways, I can only recall him doing so twice.
Then... you've got [personal profile] seriallylucky. He's slated for [community profile] savetheearth, which has as its premise that people from other universes have been reincarnated into this one, so they're basically human (or mundane animal) OCs based on their old selves who can gradually regain aspects of their previous incarnations. (There's some really fascinating stuff. No one I'm very familiar with except the brand-new Aragorn, but what the players of - particularly - Starscream and Her Imperious Condescension is quite worth watching.) So anyway. Fred here is Felix reincarnated.
And he swears. Bit of a pottymouth, actually; I have no idea where he gets it. I'm not entirely sure I want to app him like this, but I'm also not at all sure how to change him.


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