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Well, I think I now understand exactly why Milliways' Warehouse 13 crew went AU.

Honestly, I'm not sure I can think of another episode this... lazy. Even in the Star Treks. I can deal with the football thing, although I don't really like it. But that's just the start.

  • Everyone assumes that once they get a time machine, time is malleable. Probably forgivable under the circumstances of the search, but it bugs me. Particularly given it means most of the relevant people lose all sense of self-preservation.

  • The watch, with no apparent stimulus, switches between 24-hour-countdown and 12-hour-clue modes.

  • All right, so you've got the hypothesis that the watch clue is a scriptural reference. (Minor point: there are other scriptures than the Bible, though I don't know whether Barbosa would have been in a position to be familiar with them.) Let's even assume your first guess about the meaning of the M is correct. Why, then, does it never occur to you to check the fourth chapters of those books? (This does not in fact add more than two references; Micah 4 and Malachi 4 have under 18 verses each.) Matthew 4:18, at the very least, would present a promising alternate location, and I could see either of the Mark references needing to be decoded in classic Warehouse style.

  • Seriously? That's all it takes to break into the basement of St. Peter's Basilica? Wow.

And so on. Don't get me wrong, I intend to keep watching, but Season 4 is starting at the level of Star Trek, but without any of the nostalgia or much of the charm.

Okay, things have improved. Jinks and Happy Claudia (even if it's actually forced-peppy!Claudia; I'm not certain on that point) are excellent to have back. Still annoyed the former doesn't get to show up in the opening.
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