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Wow. I suspect that Elizabeth Moon may be the greatest writer alive, at least in the realm of fantasy fiction.

Here's why.

Oath of Gold, the third book in the Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy, was published in 1989. I last read it in... 2007? 2008? Over a year ago, anyway. Oath of Fealty, which begins a sequel trilogy, was published last month, and I have just finished reading it. Throughout, it referenced characters, events, and details from each of the Paksenarrion books. At each point I was able to remember, with startling clarity, what was being referred to, and often additional things as well. By contrast, I couldn't recognize more than half-a-dozen names in the tenth Wheel of Time book some two months after reading the ninth. Even more, I've read any number of fanfics in which I couldn't keep the characters straight from one chapter to the next, minutes apart.

Somewhat startlingly, [livejournal.com profile] camwyn is in this book. Well, okay, not her. It's actually a character named Camwyn, who is named for the same character from whom she took her internet handle.
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