Apr. 7th, 2013

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You know, sometimes I wonder about my brain.

So I've got Felix, yes? Simple guy, saved the world, all that jazz.
April of 2009, he shows up at [community profile] milliways_bar over on LJ, from three parts of his life.
November of '09, a DE response crosses him over with Young Wizards.
Shortly after this, [personal profile] dalzoon is born, spinning off from that DE and becoming a separate (if quieter) headvoice. His surname is produced by running "Vale" and "son" through an online translator until I found a language where the combination looked like a surname. In Dutch, it did.
May of 2010, I post a picture with Felix in it to my deviantART gallery. Others follow, and "dA Felix" begins to gain presence in my mind. Not a voice, though; as a result of an idle comment about "eloquent body language", I think of drawn!Felix as entirely silent.
Early 2011 (I don't know for sure, but the relevant document was created that January), an attempt at porting the Golden Sun universe into the Homestuck universe produces variants of all the GS party members. [livejournal.com profile] obstnatearth results; his last name, Zoonderdal, was an attempt at rendering Dalzoon into three syllables. I have no idea if "der" would be appropriate. (This Felix's voice has not been very much heard for some time.
March of 2013, I forcibly pull myself out of an RP slump with a dear_mun post. This has the unexpected result of persuading a Sheba to come to Milliways. More relevantly, something about it hits me hard with the RP bug, as I begin investigating other games and even writing apps. One of these games, [community profile] savetheearth, strikes me as a good place to send Felix, but it wants a native version thereof. I toy with the idea of adapting Felix Dalzoon, but decide to go a different route. The result is (or will be, once I put a little more effort into things) [personal profile] seriallylucky, Fred Vandenberg - whose surname is chosen solely because it's vaguely fitting and appears on a list of common Dutch surnames.

So. That's four separate journals, at least eight semi-distinct voices, all for essentially the same character. I blame you, Chanter.

(The best part doesn't even line up with the rest of it. You know one reason I'm glad I didn't try to port [personal profile] dalzoon? His occupation - high-school biology teacher - is already specifically taken by someone else in [community profile] savetheearth. Talk about crazy random happenstance.)


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