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There is a discussion that periodically comes up, in various forms, at my primary My Little Pony thread. Every so often we get to discussing what is a masculine or feminine trait or activity, and what that does or should mean.

Today, it occurred to me to wonder how that discussion would be different if the people involved were speaking a language with gendered nouns. Arabic, Latin, German, French, Spanish - all the other languages I've studied or had significant exposure to use two or three genders, but not English. And I wonder how that affects this kind of discussion.
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As those of you who pay attention to such things are doubtless aware, the My Little Pony episode "Luna Eclipsed", which aired today, was quite anticipated. In particular, the reveal of Princess Luna's canonical personality was hotly awaited.

Surprise! )
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Way back in high school, I took four or five years of German. It was pretty fun, but not enough that I've ever tried to pursue it in college. I managed to pick up bibs and bobs of a few other languages here and there, but again, nothing major or continuing. The long and short of it is, it's been a long time since I actually tried to do anything much with any language other than English; somewhere between six and eight years, I think.

This semester, I needed a foreign language. The offered options were Spanish, French, and Arabic. I chose the last, in part because I wanted to try something quite outside my experience. And it's interesting. Challenging, on account of being in a different language family and using such a different set of sounds and shapes, but interesting.

Anyway, I have heard that a good way to learn a new language is to watch cartoons in it. So I figured, why not a cartoon I'm already familiar with? (I have no idea whether this is helpful or counterproductive, but it's what I'm trying.) As it happened, the week that I started checking was the week before ماي ليتل بوني (the official Arabic transliteration of "My Little Pony") began airing, and I found a Youtube channel that looked likely to carry it.

Then DE MAGICKS happened. (More about language and myself than about Pony, but caveat emptor.) )

So, yeah. I can understand German better now than when I was actively studying it. Crazy world.


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