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From [livejournal.com profile] ceitfianna:

Comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then you copy and paste the questions into your own journal and answer them.

I was given Heroes, Discworld, and ATLA

the answers lie here )

I find it interesting that I had to look up more spellings for Heroes than for either of the others.
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I've got a little list;
I've got a little list!
Of the many many Sylars that the audience is shown. )

Any disagreements? Better names to offer? Others that should go on the list?

Also, Read more... )
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It seems to me that this might be the time to revive [livejournal.com profile] thelesserlist. After all, for the first time we've got a canon character who (for now) qualifies.


Mar. 23rd, 2009 09:05 pm
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Tonight's Heroes )
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So I've been reading that new Heroes novel, Saving Charlie, and it's not bad. Not exactly my usual fare, but then neither is Heroes in many respects.

On my own personal canonicity scale, it rates at about a level 4 - reasonable, given the characters and certain of the situations, but contradicted (partly, anyway) by Level-1 canon (the show itself).

(For comparison, the Star Trek book Dark Mirror by Diane Duane is also level 4. As it was published before any of the Deep Space 9 Mirror Universe episodes were aired, it was at the time a reasonable extrapolation of what might have happened after "Mirror, Mirror".

It is also, I think, the only DD Star Trek book I've read all the way through. I adore her Young Wizards and related books, but for some reason I don't enjoy her forays into Trek.)

And yes, I do sit down and figure out these level systems a lot. This is the first one to go public in any degree, though.
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I am convinced that there is at least one unknown temporal operative in Heroes.

Most of my convincing is a result of late last season. In Five Years Gone, Hiro encountered an unpleasant future. Between that episode and How to Stop an Exploding Man, no other established characters went to the future. Hiro himself had contact only with Ando, Kaito, Sylar, and Nathan. It is almost certain that this contact with Nathan was what convinced Nathan to fly Peter out. However, it is unlikely that any of the other contacts were of significant effect.

According to Five Years Gone, Sylar, HRG, Nathan, DL, Niki, Molly, Mohinder, and Candace had survived, presumably by not being in the area when the explosion happened. Had Nathan not flown Peter away, all of them except possibly Nathan would have died in the explosion. Additionally, Hana and possibly Linderman were implied to be alive. Linderman, canonically, was killed by DL, which could potentially have been avoided by moving up the timeframe of the explosion (which would, itself, have probably killed him). Hana's death, on the other hand, was part of a mostly separate sequence of events, with no obvious outside influences.

It is highly unlikely that Hiro's influence would have changed all this. I submit, then, my theory: At least one other time-traveler, probably in company with someone with the power of emotional manipulation (like the Haitian's father, whose name I can never remember), was working more-or-less independently of Hiro, although it seems likely that he or she knew what Hiro was doing so they wouldn't interfere with each other. Alternate!Future!Hiro is a possibility, although the Future!Hiro we've seen probably isn't. This individual's goals are not something I care to speculate on at this time.
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Hmm... )
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Out of Time )

Incidentally, when I got off the train yesterday I saw an advertisement for "Brain Candy". It eventually turned out to be part of a three-ad Comcast set (the others being Sweet Talk and Eye Candy, for Comcast internet, phone, and cable TV, respectively). Still, you can guess who came to mind.
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First, a few reactions to last night's Heroes

Read more... )

In related news, I got the latest Scientific American yesterday, and in it found a review for a book entitled Enhancing Evolution. My first thought was to make sure the author wasn't a Suresh.

Also in that issue was a column by Robert Zubrin. This made me grin for a bit.
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When I read Carpe Jugulum too close to watching "Kindness of Strangers". Ah, well.

Dear Kring & co., )

Now that I think about it, about the only characters I feel favorably disposed toward at the moment are the Haitian (who really needs a name), Noah, Monica, and Hiro. Also Zach, but he's been left behind in favor of a very negative influence.
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A shorter review, this time, I think.

Spoilers, 1 )

And now, my speculations on a single character (more Heroes spoilers).

Spoilers, 2 )

In a rather different vein, I went and saw Stardust this weekend. I quite liked it, although I preferred the ending of the book.

Spoilers, 3 )

Did anyone else think it was reminiscent of Princess Bride? Did they do that on purpose?
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I had intended to post this yesterday, but my parents seem to think they should get to use their computer.

There are, of necessity, spoilers under the cut.

Yes, this cut. Beware, wordy. )

I think these may be something of a regular feature from me.


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