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You know, sometimes I wonder about my brain.

So I've got Felix, yes? Simple guy, saved the world, all that jazz.
April of 2009, he shows up at [community profile] milliways_bar over on LJ, from three parts of his life.
November of '09, a DE response crosses him over with Young Wizards.
Shortly after this, [personal profile] dalzoon is born, spinning off from that DE and becoming a separate (if quieter) headvoice. His surname is produced by running "Vale" and "son" through an online translator until I found a language where the combination looked like a surname. In Dutch, it did.
May of 2010, I post a picture with Felix in it to my deviantART gallery. Others follow, and "dA Felix" begins to gain presence in my mind. Not a voice, though; as a result of an idle comment about "eloquent body language", I think of drawn!Felix as entirely silent.
Early 2011 (I don't know for sure, but the relevant document was created that January), an attempt at porting the Golden Sun universe into the Homestuck universe produces variants of all the GS party members. [livejournal.com profile] obstnatearth results; his last name, Zoonderdal, was an attempt at rendering Dalzoon into three syllables. I have no idea if "der" would be appropriate. (This Felix's voice has not been very much heard for some time.
March of 2013, I forcibly pull myself out of an RP slump with a dear_mun post. This has the unexpected result of persuading a Sheba to come to Milliways. More relevantly, something about it hits me hard with the RP bug, as I begin investigating other games and even writing apps. One of these games, [community profile] savetheearth, strikes me as a good place to send Felix, but it wants a native version thereof. I toy with the idea of adapting Felix Dalzoon, but decide to go a different route. The result is (or will be, once I put a little more effort into things) [personal profile] seriallylucky, Fred Vandenberg - whose surname is chosen solely because it's vaguely fitting and appears on a list of common Dutch surnames.

So. That's four separate journals, at least eight semi-distinct voices, all for essentially the same character. I blame you, Chanter.

(The best part doesn't even line up with the rest of it. You know one reason I'm glad I didn't try to port [personal profile] dalzoon? His occupation - high-school biology teacher - is already specifically taken by someone else in [community profile] savetheearth. Talk about crazy random happenstance.)


Oct. 4th, 2012 12:01 pm
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I really need to keep better control of my inputs and thought, and the collision thereof.

Also my computer is not helping.

So. A while ago, I started up this Sims game with the intention of getting a Felix and a Sheba together, preferably without the enormous tragedy that seems to happen whenever I try to fic that relationship.

More recently, I have been reading logs of various people's Sims Legacy Challenges (and variants). Given that the Legacy Challenge involves getting a family through several generations, these often involve proposals and marriages. And some of the writers are rather good at evoking emotion.

The last few days, I have also been trying to get an OOM written. It's from canon; specifically, the scene at the end of the first game where Felix is attempting to rescue Sheba on top of Venus Lighthouse.

So these have been colliding into periods of DO WANT, although I'm determined that certain things in the Sims game happen in a certain order. In particular, Sheba is not allowed to grow up just yet.

And then just now my computer decided to switch to this as its wallpaper. As I said, not helping.
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I am beginning to revise my opinion about insurance being the worst extant thing in contemporary society.

So UNM has this "consortium agreement" program, where I can take some classes at another school and as long as I've got at least six credit hours at UNM itself and come to full time in total I can get my full-time-student financial aid from UNM. And things work out such that I can drop off the form to have the UNM advisors fill out their part on August 31. Those of you who are paying attention will note that this is now two weeks ago.

Where I drop the form off, there is a sign, indicating that dropped-off forms can be picked up after 48 hours. It includes a "no exceptions" clause, although I'm now being expected to believe that that applies to an earlier part of the sign and not the 48 hours clause.

So. The following Monday is Labor Day, and they're not going to be there. But that's fine, the guy I turn it in to says I can come in Tuesday and it'll be ready. Well, Tuesday comes, and it's not very feasible to get down there, so I show up Wednesday.

And they don't have my form. So I say, basically, "look for it" and head to class. I come back after, and it turns out the advisor who was supposed to be filling it out has encountered a problem and needs to shut down is holding on to it. I get them to give me her email address and leave. I send an email that afternoon, saying "hey, what's up?"

She responds the next day, Thursday the sixth. She's contacted the math advisor with a concern that she has, and said math advisor has probably been out of the office lately because she's usually really good at response turnaround time. She says, further, that I shouldn't worry because as far as she knows there's no deadline for the consortium form.

That is where the warning bells start. When I turned in the form, back on the 31st, I specifically asked what the deadline was. And they said the next Friday, September 7.

So. In what may not be the best-considered of all actions, I go in the next day to see what's up. You say there's no deadline, they say there's a deadline today, what's going on, sort of thing. Also what's the concern. It turns out the concern is that one of the other-college classes I'm taking is Calculus 1, which is covered by my AP scores. So it might be counted as a repeat class, which the consortium people don't like. Even though the AP scores in question are seven and eight years old. And the math department has some kind of five-year policy on repeats. I don't understand the problem, but apparently it might exist. Anyway. She still has not heard back from the math advisor. As for the deadline thing, that apparently has something to do with registered credit hours, and if the agreement doesn't go through or the math class sin't counted things could get messy. So she has me sign up for a couple of second-half-of-the-semester PE classes, which should make it all work out. She also says she'll stay in touch.

So I do. And she doesn't. And we come to today. The sign says two days, it's been two weeks. So I go in again, and say "what's going on?" Apparently they learned on Wednesday, the twelfth day after I turned in the form, that the math advisor is having trouble receiving her email. It takes until I'm talking to this advisor for it to occur to her that she might possibly call the math advisor on the phone, or go in person, to figure out the issue.

There is, I think, not enough headdesk in the world. Possibly I should get a team of monkeys to do my headdesking for me.


Aug. 28th, 2012 05:19 pm
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Oh, Brain.

Okay. So. Here's me, thinking about my Golden Sun Sims stuff. And it occurs to me that I ought to fold the laundry, so I go do that. I typically have my mp3 player on when I do the laundry. And today my sister was watching Serendipity in the next room at the same time.

Now. One of the major things I'm trying to do, in Sims, is to get Felix and Sheba to end up together without either of them dying or getting grievously injured or running off to wander the world in depression. So some of this is running through my head while I'm getting occasional glimpses of a romance movie - which I didn't actually like, what I saw of it, but that's beside the point. And the music on my player is from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

I believe I've mentioned a few times that my Felix headvoice, in some manners of speaking, handles incoming music. What I don't know that I've mentioned very much is that, for a long time, I was considering doing a Felix plot at Milliways based on Scarlet Pimpernel. So some of the songs, particularly Only Love, She Was There, and You Are My Home, are particularly associated with the Felix/Sheba ship. (Yes, I'm well aware that You Are My Home is sung by a pair of siblings. It has nevertheless always sounded like a romance song to me.)

So there I am, being bombarded three ways with roughly the same thing. I think I need a break; anyone willing to brainsit for me?
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I've been playing the Ace Attorney video games recently.

I enjoy them, I really do. It's just... I keep wanting to smack the entire legal system involved.

I mean... )
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Well. A week has passed since I last posted, and quite a week it's been.

I got Dark Dawn, and am pleased with it. Not pleased enough with aspects of the worldbuilding to retcon my millicanon enough to fit, but I enjoy the game. Now I'm debating whether to cultivate a particular proto-headvoice for Milliways or give Felix opportunity to meet her.

Thursday, though, was pretty bad. I spent most of the day in bed, throwing up. The next three-four days were spent with a throat full of sore, a head full of stuffed, and ears full of ache. Monday was borderline, and Tuesday I felt well enough to resume life.

Unfortunately, Tuesday was prone to network and scheduling problems. And ljlogin becoming broken, for no good reason I can find. So now I am finally able to return to my internets, catch up on my flist, and so on. This afternoon I think I'll EP with some advance setup for a Dark Dawn-inspired plot.

In the meantime, have a meme.

Ask me about any character, and I will tell you some combination of:

a) five facts about them from my personal fanon
b) two reasons they're amazing
c) five things I'd like to see happen to them
d) three people I might ship them with and why
e) if I don't know them, I will make something up

Obviously, characters you know I know are best, but I doubt there are many of those; as long as you avoid non-Ghibli anime and manga, I should be able to do at least e) above.
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You'd think there'd be a reason for the customer support email page to ask about your technical skill level. And yet, every time I contact HP, I get two steps. First, try X software solution, which usually involves downloading some driver or update. Second, if that doesn't work, lose all access to the computer for at least five business days while the repair center people poke it, revert the system state to the its original factory condition, and call it good.

Enough, I say! Enough! I bought a computer, and later complained until they sent a replacement, so that I could have a computer, not so that I could continually reload and restore all my settings, all my programs, and so on.
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My computer, the Device Formerly Known as Connor, has issues. The most prominent of these is that it tends to hibernate without prompting, on an accelerating but unpredictable schedule. I have contacted HP several times over this, with little actual benefit.

I thought, this latest time, I had made my position quite clear. In my initial email, I said, "At this point, I desire a physical replacement of whatever components could conceivably be responsible, or of the device itself. I will not, this time, be sending my laptop to any HP repair center; I want to be able to personally monitor what happens to it."

That was last night, around 7:30 p.m. Today, at 9:40 a.m., I get the latest response, saying basically that "we're sorry what we said last night didn't fix it. We think it's probably a general hardware thing, so send it to us and we'll fix it." Along with, for some reason, a request that I not "perform any troubleshooting on your own."

Um, NO. I'm not letting this thing be dealt with unless I am there, watching, at the very least. Three of the last four times I sent it to the repair center they simply re-imaged the hard drive, which - it should be obvious if they have access to my case history - doesn't solve the problem.

Huff. Huff. Huff.


May. 12th, 2010 07:32 am
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Y'know what I hate?

Those Ads.

For the most part I use Firefox with the Ad-Block Plus add-on, which deals quite nicely with Those Ads. But sometimes, for one reason or another, I do things in Internet Explorer, which has no such add-on. That's when Those Ads come in.

Those Ads seem to be most common at fanfiction.net, although I've seen them a few other places. They consist of the page you want loading, and then being covered by a full-page advertisement. It's bad enough when the page in question is just for some store, but the worst are the video ads. I have a suspicion that those are mostly for asinine teen TV shows, but I have no noticeable desire to find out.

What makes the video ads the worst is this: even once you click the "Skip this ad" button - the only way to see the page you want, short of navigating back and re-progressing - the audio keeps going. So you've got this chatter you didn't choose, that is not relevant to your interests, and it's not even accompanied by images of people you can whack over the head with your mouse pointer.
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As reported on the Golden Sun fansite Golden Sun Syndicate, Nintendo's annual report lists Golden Sun DS as a 2010 release (at least in America). This? Is not news. This hasn't been news since about four seconds after the initial announcement started.

What might be news is the confirmation that it probably won't be released as "Golden Sun DS". No information is offered as to what might replace that title, but it's more than we've had in over 335 days.

I just want something. A character name, a release date, an image of the fourth party member, an indication of who reappears...
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You see, Camelot? This is the way to do it. Be all teasery, yes, but do it right. And then, most importantly, follow it up with an actual announcement: dates, characters, plot, and so on. Not "Hey, this thing you've been pestering us about for six years, and we haven't said anything? Yeah, it's coming up. Here's a half-dozen screenshots, a poster, and the word 'descendents', and that's all you're getting for the next TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT DAYS and likely beyond."

*shakes head*

As an aside, I may very well freak out if Portal 2 and GS 3 happen to have the same release date.


Mar. 8th, 2010 03:53 pm
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In which Kd7 complains. )

Grump 2.

Jan. 18th, 2010 11:36 am
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Arglefraster! Camelot, what's wrong with you?

Okay, a few days ago I posted about an update on the new Golden Sun. Apparently some people have their copies of the magazine already, and have posted scans. The news is disappointing, to say the least.

What it says amounts to "We've been waiting years for this, and here it is! But all they'll tell us is that we're supposed to get it this year."

From the discussions on some of the fansites, it seems this is fairly consistent with how Camelot, the company behind Golden Sun, deals with their fans: by not telling them anything. Apparently back when they were publicizing the first one, they didn't mention Ivan (the third party member) for quite a long time.

*sigh* Day number two hundred thirty.

...How long has my journal title been misspelled?


Dec. 8th, 2009 03:59 pm
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This? Is not so much a great day, for me. Or, really, a great week. Human idiocy dominates the radio news reports; I've got a final tomorrow that I'm likely to fail in a class I'm fairly sure I'll fail regardless of the final's score; no one will give me canonmates for Felix; my display is fairly broken; and it's cold outside. And now the ad by my posting window is being irritating.

Honestly, people. If you're going to like an idea, you should continue to like it after you're told that it comes from one or more members of another political party. Politics in the US is broken. Time to start over from scratch. No elephants, no donkeys, and no participation beyond personal voting from anyone previously involved above the city level.

Why do I need this Business Thought class? I don't care how my bosses make their decisions, or why. And no, Douglas McGregor, I don't have any ambition or self-direction to speak of. Point me in a direction, tell me how far to go and what to do there, and I'm fine. People are messy. Give me numbers - be they grammar-numbers, numbers-called-by-names, or ordinary unadorned numbers - and keep the psychology to yourself.


Nov. 9th, 2009 08:43 am
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What do I care about the basis for mangerial decisions? I'm fundamentally unsuited to making them, and it doesn't really matter why my employers give the instructions they do.

Why can't it all just be numbers? I can deal with numbers. "Business thought", not so much.

You may have known,
Before I met them, I've never known.
So if you ask me what I prefer,
I'd say the numbers - that much is sure.


Nov. 8th, 2009 08:26 pm
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I have a CD that I recently ripped onto my computer, and I'm having some trouble with it. It's several songs, mostly but not all Christmas songs, that a church leader who since moved away burned for each member of our youth group. Unfortunately, there's no track data, so my mp3 player simply lists them as "Track 1" "Track 2" and so on. I'm trying to change that by editing the properties, but it doesn't seem to be working. I got "Track 1" replaced with its title, but I can't seem to do the same for any of the others, even when I think I'm doing the same sequence of actions. Do any of you know how to help?
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Oh, Felix, why do you do these things?

Relevant fact 1: I have always - since, at the latest, the second time I watched the film in question - associated Sheeta, from Castle in the Sky with Sheba, from the Golden Sun games. This is based on a number of factors, including events, MacGuffins, and mannerisms.

Relevant fact 2: At some point in 2006, Felix, having showed up as a result of joining [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar, became in charge of my incoming music. This means, among other things, that one of the first things I think of when I encounter a song - especially a love song of some description - is usually whether it can legitimately be applied to Felix. (This, incidentally, has utterly ruined at least one song for me. The song in question is "Love Is My Legs" from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which is just a bit too "modern" to truly fit Felix. However, that doesn't stop the associations, which means at one point I invariably crack up due to envisioning a row of Djinn - alternating Venus and Jupiter - lined up on a tree branch like Zoombinis swaying and singing along.)

Relevant fact 3: Since he returned to [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar, Felix has taken a rather more active interest in what I do with him. In particular, he has requested that certain things happen at Cubefall next year. I'm not currently at liberty to say what.

Relevant fact 4: I've had some success, particularly lately, at finding scenes and songs from a variety of musicals and movies on Youtube.

The situation: Thursday, July 9, I attempted to find the opening credits of Castle in the Sky on Youtube, in part for the music underneath. Though I was unsuccessful, I did find
this. Felix became enchanted, and has demanded something similar, albeit more text-based, as a run-up to Cubefall. Specifically, a dream-state non-sequential series of flashbacks and might-have-beens fitting that song.

Naturally, this means that I have to start on the writing thereof Right Soon. I feel like I've been drafted into one of those hundred-themes ficlet communities.


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